Luxury VIP services

Discover our brand new section Royalty VIP : limousine, luxury hotel, helicopter rental and other exceptional services,

We have everything in store to make your eyes sparkle and to fill your spirit with souvenirs as incredible as in your dreams.
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We are totally dedicated to you to provide you with high quality services and realize your dreams, even the craziest ones… What’s yours?

Hotel, flight and car rental

A reliable airline, a pleasant flight, a five-star hotel and a fully-equiped car…

Collective tourism

Bring a breath of freshness and newness to your holiday with your family or friends.

Individual tourism

Choose your own program, the places you want to visit and the steps of your travel, you and only you know what you want to do.

Touristic Tour

By the sea side or interior, let us guide you and discover all the wonders of Holy Land.

Realize your dreams, even the craziest ones… What’s yours?